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**We now offer our own card grading service. For only $5 we will encapsulate and grade your cards for you in a tamper-proof slab.  This will protect your cards from any tampering or fraud.  It is available for consignors or collectors alike.  Contact us for the details. You will not find a better deal on card grading in the hobby.**

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2020 Auction Schedule:

from Monday   ends Friday
SEPT. 25TH 9/21 9/25
OCT. 23 10/19 10/23
NOV. 20 11/16 11/20
DEC. 18 12/14 12/18

Auction from Monday to Friday

During auction week, phone bidding is available Monday through Thursday, 9 am to 3 pm, and Friday from 3 pm to 1 am the next morning. Auctions may open online earlier than indicated above.

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CATEGORY                                                                                         LOT #'S

JERSEYS                                                                                                       410-416

AUTO'D BASEBALLS                                                                                      417-548

BASEBALL BATS                                                                                           549-550

MISC. SPORTS EQUIPMENT,ETC.                                                                  551-575

AUTO'D HELMETS                                                                                          576-589

AUTO'D CAPS                                                                                                590-595

AUTO'D BOXING GLOVES                                                                               596-598

AUTO'D FOOTBALLS & BASKETBALLS                                                          599-604

AUTO'D GOLF BALLS & HOCKEY PUCKS                                                       605-616

CAPS/JACKETS/APPAREL                                                                             617-621

AUTO'D SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHS                                                                  622-709

AUTO'D NON-SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHS                                                          710-840

AUTO'D BOOKS                                                                                             841-842

JEWELRY/RINGS/COINS/WATCHES,ETC.                                                       843-858

ARTWORK/LITHO'S/ANIMATION,ETC..                                                              859-870

MATTED AND/OR FRAMED ITEMS                                                                   871-910

AUTO'D CUTS/CACHETS/POSTCARDS,HOF PLAQUES,ETC..                           911-1103

AUTO'D RECORD ALBUMS/MUSIC ITEMS,ETC..                                               1104-1140

AUTO'D MAGAZINES/YEARBOOKS/PROGRAMS,ETC..                                     1141-1152

AUTO'D CARDS                                                                                                1153-1268

FIGURINES/BOBBLEHEADS/STATUES,ETC.                                                      1269-1284

"ODDBALL" ITEMS-ALL KINDS OF COLLECTIBLES!                                          1285-1351

BASEBALL CARDS                                                                                          1352-1439

ALL OTHER SPORT AND NON-SPORT CARDS                                                 1440-END

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